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Business and finance

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Key information

Postgraduate course


  • Full Time (15-19 months)


  • January
  • September


  • Cambridge

Business and finance overview

ARU’s Business School stands out because the courses focus on the real world of business. Many of the courses combine sound academic theory with solid management practice.

ARU College’s Pre-Masters pathway leads onto a number of business and finance Masters courses at ARU, which are taught at either our Cambridge or Chelmsford campus.

Pathway progression

Successful completion of this pathway will lead to the award of the following from ARU:

Please see our International and UK Course Matrix for intake information.

Stage 1: Pre-Masters in Business and Finance

You will do the following modules during your pre-masters with ARU College:


PM1000: Interactive Learning Skills and Communication 5

Skills-based module designed to develop advanced academic skills required for successful post-graduate study.

Credits: 15
Contact hours per week: 4


  • Oral Presentation: 10%
  • Group Report: 20%
  • Critical Reading Assessment: 20%
  • Closed Book Exam: 40%
  • PDP Journal: 10%
PM1002: Law and Governance

Study of English/EU law; Contract Law; Corporate governance and corporate social responsibility.

Credits: 15
Contact hours per week: 4


  • 2500 Word Report: 25%
  • Group Presentation: 25%
  • Exam: 50%
PM1007: Principles of ICT

Skills-based module designed to develop advanced IT skills required for successful post-graduate study.

Credits: 15
Contact hours per week: 3


  • Multiple Choice Test: 20%
  • Group Presentation: 20%
  • Assignment: 60%
PM1006: Business Management (Double Module)

Study of Business Strategy and The Economic Environment of Business.

Credits: 30
Contact hours per week: 6


  • 2x Written Reports: 60%
  • Closed Book Exam: 40%

You will be required to pass all modules (75 credits) in order to successfully complete the pre-masters course.

Stage 2: Masters Degree


Cambridge/Chelmsford Lord Ashcroft International Business School at ARU

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