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Health sciences

Put your future under the microscope

Gain the knowledge and skills you need for a career in health sciences worldwide.

Key information

Postgraduate course


  • Full Time (15-19 months)


  • January
  • September


  • Cambridge

Health sciences overview

The health sciences are healthier than ever – and as a postgraduate, your career prospects could be, too. Learn from health science professionals, and gain invaluable insight into best practice. Get exposure to the latest research, theories and practical techniques – and graduate with the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to succeed.

Many of our courses are practical in nature and it’s important that our facilities allow you to get a simulated feel of the environment that you’ll ultimately be working in.

If you’re interested in studying MSc Applied Bioscience  or MSc Pharmaceutical Science we have invested £3 million in our brand new SuperLab complex which offer a new method of performing practical sessions and experiments. With 83 student workstations and four lecturer workstations, the lecture and experiment become one. Four lecturers can broadcast simultaneously, demonstrations can be beamed direct to the student’s workstation and students have plenty of space to work on their own experiments. Using the latest scientific kits, students get to experience the dos and don’ts of a level two category laboratory and prepare for working life.

If MSc Forensic Science is what you’re interested in we’ll help expand your knowledge in all areas of forensic science, from gathering evidence at the crime scene itself, right through to the courtroom. Develop your skills and knowledge on our  Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences accredited Masters course, as you collect and analyse evidence, equipping you to become a confident and effective practitioner.

If MSc Public Health is your area of interest, our postgraduate Public Health course takes a modern approach, by directly addressing the social, economic, political and other factors that influence population health and well-being. Currently the debate about public health is constantly in the news – and our Public Health Masters course will equip you to meet the challenges of public health of the future.

All our Health Sciences Masters courses can help you to gain greater recognition in your field.

Pathway progression

Please see our International and UK Course Matrix for intake information.

Stage 1: Pre-Masters in Health Sciences


ARU College, Cambridge

You will do the following modules during your pre-masters with ARU College:


PM1000: Interactive Learning Skills and Communication 5

Skills-based module designed to develop advanced academic skills required for successful post-graduate study.

Credits: 15
Contact hours per week: 4


  • Oral Presentation: 10%
  • Group Report: 20%
  • Critical Reading Assessment: 20%
  • Closed Book Exam: 40%
  • PDP Journal: 10%
PM1001: Research Methods and Skills

This module aims to enable students to understand research methods by introducing and developing an appreciation of the approaches used in scientific research.

Credits: 15
Contact hours per week: 4


  • Written Assignment Draft: 10%
  • Written Assignment Final: 60%
  • Presentation: 30%
PM1003: Analytical Techniques for Postgraduate Studies

This module has been designed to present some of the fundamental aspects of Analytical Techniques to students.

Credits: 15
Contact hours per week: 4


  • In Class Test: 20%
  • Close Book Exam: 30%
  • Final Exam: 50%
PM1007: Principles of ICT

Skills-based module designed to develop advanced IT skills required for successful post-graduate study.

Credits: 15
Contact hours per week: 3


  • Multiple Choice Test: 20%
  • Group Presentation: 20%
  • Assignment: 60%

You will be required to pass all modules (75 credits) in order to successfully complete the pre-masters course.

Stage 2: Masters Degree


Cambridge/Chelmsford at ARU

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Find out the academic entry requirements for our courses listed by country. Unless stated, requirements are standard across all courses.

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