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Grace Oga

Making the Most of Your Time at ARU College

Hi there, my name is Grace Oga and I’m currently in my final year studying BSc (Hons) Civil Engineering at ARU in Chelmsford.

Starting University with ARU College as an integrated student was the best move I made coming to study abroad. With ARU College, I was able to study from First year, experience campus life like other students of the university, have full access to all of the facilities and lots more whilst being supported by ARU College.

Coming abroad to study can be huge cultural shock but with ARU College, I was made to feel warm and welcome by the staff members. Even when I became familiar with life in the UK, I continued to have the care and support of the ARU College staff members. By studying with ARU College, my learning skills were greatly improved. I especially developed my listening, writing, reading and speaking skills, which was a pleasant learning experience and are skills which are fundamental for effective learning. Upon fully completing my first year as an integrated student, ARU College made sure I had a smooth transition to my 2nd year at university.

My campus is situated in the beautiful city of Chelmsford which is ideal for studying! Chelmsford is only 25 minutes away from London by train, so you can take a quick journey to London, but still enjoy the calm and green surroundings of Chelmsford.

Coming to study abroad is of course a big decision but also gives you a big advantage, so why not do it with ARU College?

Grace Oga
BSc (Hons) Civil Engineering

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