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Studying Nursing as a Mature Student

Getting back into Education

I have always wanted to become an adult nurse, however at the age of 45 I felt that it was too late. In September 2019, I dropped my son off at university where I was mistaken for registering as a student myself. I looked into various routes as I have not studied for a long time and felt that the Foundation year at ARU College Cambridge was the right course for me. The nursing studies foundation year would enable me to apply for Adult Nursing and introduce my brain back into education.

Starting at ARU College

Of course, I was full of nerves when I stepped into the ARU Cambridge Campus to register in September 2020, but I knew this was what I wanted to do. Due to Covid-19 the course was one day face to face and other lectures were conducted over zoom. The moment I stepped into the classroom I felt like I belonged and got stuck into the course. Eventually, the pandemic meant the course became online only, however I still felt part of the University. The lectures over Zoom provided breakout rooms for group work with my peers and we were all able to contribute in lectures as if we were still in the classroom. I joined my student WhatsApp group and really became involved. I no longer was concerned about my age, I became more concerned about learning and completing the course.

The foundation year consisted of two semesters completing eight modules in total. It was hard at times and found I had to manage my time well. I soon discovered the more effort I put into the course, the more I got out of it. I learnt important academic values, study skills and actually loved completing the assessments that were set. The assessments consisted of a mixture of presentations, exams, essays and reports, which we had to complete three assessments for each module and the two best marks combined average went to the final module grade.

Supportive Environment

I found ARU to be supportive in all areas, including when I had COVID-19 myself somebody from ARU College would call daily to check on my well-being. I found myself during the Foundation year and gained new friendships and a sense of belonging. I am moving to the Peterborough Campus for Adult Nursing in September 2021 and feel grateful I took the step to complete the Foundation Year.

Dee Appleford
BSc (Hons) Nursing Studies

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