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Sultanath Chowdury

Anglia Ruskin University

My experience as an ARU student was a pleasure. When I started my business management course three years ago, I had faced a lot of challenges and things that didn’t come naturally to me such as confidence with delivering presentations, working as a team and contributing to the seminar tasks. As I went through my three years of my study I have gained a huge amount of knowledge and developed my confidence working and studying with different people and from a range of different cultural backgrounds. This experience has enabled me to learn so much more about different countries, their culture and its people. This is a really important skill to have, after all the world is quite a small place!

Furthermore, my study journey has helped develop my creativity and helped me to socialise a lot more, getting involved in the ARU clubs and societies which has helped me gain a new set of skills and knowledge which I know will be vital with my future career.

Sultanath Chowdhury
BA (Hons) Business Management

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