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Accommodation preparation

ARU College students have a range of options to choose from when finding their new home in Cambridge or Chelmsford.

With multiple styles and prices, you can select the style of accommodation that suits both your needs and budget.

  1. Peter Taylor House: The on-campus experience Cambridge. Living on campus means you are close to your classes and can easily make friends with students from around the UK and the world. Note: Peter Taylor House is limited so it is important that you apply early.
  2. CB1 Aston House, Student Castle, Study Inn, Chestnut House: ARU College managed, off-campus accommodation.  Cambridge location around Cambridge city centre all accommodation is within a 15 minute bike ride of campus. All our accommodation is very modern, en-suite with shops and cafes on site. Cluster apartments and Studio flats are available.
  3. Student Village: The on-campus experience Chelmsford. Based on our Chelmsford campus, the student village will provide you with a traditional student experience. It is very close to local amenities and cafes.
  4. Homestay: The English experience. Living with an English family offers students the opportunity to engage in British culture fully while taking part in family celebrations life and activities. Homestay properties are based all around Cambridge and Chelmsford, usually a 5-15 minute bus ride away from campus.
  5. Off-Campus, non-ARU College managed accommodation. If ARU College doesn¹t have an accommodation option to suit you please don¹t hesitate to get in touch, we have a list of local letting agencies and privately run halls of residence.

See our accommodation pages for more information.

Don’t forget!

  • You will need to pay a deposit to secure a room.
  • A full semesters payment for accommodation will need to be paid before you can move in.
  • All ARU College accommodation is single occupancy only.
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