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Foundation pathway

Our undergraduate pathways provide you with the building blocks that you need in order to be successful at undergraduate studies in the UK.

A Foundation Year with ARU College is a two trimester course that takes place before your degree at ARU.  This means that your degree will take 4 years to complete in total.

During your Foundation Year you will complete a range of modules relevant to your chosen degree, as well as modules concentrating on the skills that are vital for University level education such as Critical Thinking, ICT, and Interactive Learning Skills and Communication (ILSC).

A Foundation pathway is available for students who:

  • Do not quite meet the entry requirements to enter university directly (but hold GCSE level qualifications)
  • Feel that additional support at the start of university studies will help them stand a better chance of success
  • Have been away from studies for a period of time
  • Come from a different academic environment to that of the UK
  • Require additional English language training

If you fall into any of the above categories, choosing an undergraduate pathway at ARU College is the right decision for you. Depending on your academic needs, we offer two pathway entry points – Foundation and First Year Pathway.

Progressing from Your Foundation Year

Your Foundation Year will be the first stage in the 4 stage process. Meaning that on successful completion  you will seamlessly progress to stage 2, which is the first year of a bachelor’s degree. There is no need to reapply, you will simply just progress between each stage until you reach the final stage and graduate with a degree from ARU. Your offer letter will include all 4 years, including the Foundation Year.

Information about available courses, intake semesters and campus location can be found in our course matrices.

Key Information about the Foundation Year

  • Students have access to full ARU facilities and are part of the ARU community
  • 1 Module made up of 120 credits
  • The Module includes 8 modules
  • 50% academic and 50% study skills content
  • Each module includes 3 assessments each worth 50%, with the two best scores being counted towards the final module grade
  • The foundation is assessed b continual assessment with full feedback
  • Small class sizes (maximum 25)
  • 16 hours of contact hours per week
  • Every student will be assigned to a Personal Development Tutor to help students through their educational journey and provides peer to peer support. Preparing foundation students for First Year degree delivery
  • Timetabling over 4 days (where possible 3 days and Wednesday afternoon free) to accommodate part time work, family commitments and involvement in SU activities
  • Dedicated ARU College staff on both campuses
  • Inclusivity, disability and dyslexia support integrated with the University
  • ARU College students have access to ARU Financial matters
    o Student Finance England funded for full duration of course (4 years)*
    o Eligible for ARU Bursary worth up to £300 per year*
    o Eligible to access ARU hardship funds
    *Only available for UK students

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