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We hope you are excited to start your new journey with us this September and we cannot wait to welcome you to the campus. Your course at ARU College will empower you with the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to succeed in your degree and beyond!

For relevant registration dates, please see our important dates page where you can find registration dates for your intake, when teaching starts and the end of trimester dates as well.

We will start to send out our registration emails roughly one month before registration opens. You will receive an invite to book an on campus registration appointment with us. At this appointment, our friendly staff will help you to successfully register as a student.

Booking your Registration Appointment

International Students are required to have a registration appointment with us. If you are a student from the EU who has arrived in the UK after 31 December 2020, you will also need to do this.

Your appointment will be online with a member of ARU College Staff, and it is your opportunity to ask us any questions you might have about starting your studies. It also gives us the opportunity to make sure you understand all the different steps involved in registration.

If you have any questions, get in touch.

Contact us

Enhancement Sessions

Throughout the first week of registration we have arranged enhancement sessions which give you the opportunity to hear from previous ARU College students and ARU College teachers. The sessions are designed to help you prepare for different areas of University life and Academic skills. There will also be a chance to ask any questions you may have abut starting with us. Booking links will be sent to you in your welcome emails.

Welcome Talks

Our Welcome Talks are here to welcome you to the college and university campus and make sure that you have the best start possible to your degree. These sessions will give you the opportunity to meet fellow students, college staff and teachers. We will walk through what being a student will be like, how to get involved with activities, societies, and different services. It will also give you the opportunity to ask us any questions you may have. We are providing two different types of talks, both accessible online. You can join us for our Welcome Talks (Welcome to ARU, Student Services and much more) and Academic Talks, which will go through how to access your online classes and what to expect. You will be able to book onto these sessions through the links sent to you in your registration emails.

eVision registration

Registration FAQs

Registration FAQs

Welcome talks and events take place throughout Welcome Week, this will vary depending on which intake you are in so please make sure you check your registration emails with the correct dates.  If you miss any of these, they will be recorded and placed online for you to still watch.

I have not received my login details yet. What do I do?

Don’t worry if you have not received your details yet. This can sometimes take a week or two. We always keep track of students who have not received these details yet. If you are at all concerned, contact us.

I can’t reset my AXIS Password

If you are not getting the reset email, it may be that the one we have on file is incorrect. Please get in touch with us, with confirmation of the email you are using and we can fix this for you.

What do I need for my Right to Study Checks?

The UK Government requires us to make sure you are eligible to study in the UK. You will need to go to the Registration Hubs, by bookable appointment, to complete this.

You will need to bring one of the following:

  • Passport
  • European Union Residency Card
  • Driving Licence
  • Birth Certificate
  • VISA (if applicable)

Please note: If you are an International student on a VISA, you will need to bring both your Passport and Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)

If you are studying online, you can postpone this until January 2022.

Where do I collect my student ID card?

You will be able to collect your student ID from the registration hubs when you complete your Right to Study checks. Make sure you get your photo ready for your student ID card. Read the instructions over on ARU’s website. 

When does teaching start?

Teaching start dates dependant on your intake, please head over to our Important Dates page for the relevant dates for your intake.

Do I need a registration appointment?

If you are an International student that requires a VISA, you will be required to have an online registration appointment with a member of the College team. You will get a link to book this appointment in your first welcome email.

How do I know if I have completed my eVision registration?

Your registration tab will disappear from your eVision page when you have successfully completed your registration.

When will my timetable be released?

Your timetable will be released on eVision within 5 working days of your completion of your eVision. If you have not completed your eVision, your timetable will not be released.

What do I do if my timetable is wrong?

If you believe your timetable is wrong, please contact timetabling directly at

Where can I find my timetable?

Your timetable will be located on eVision when you log in.

How do I know if I am studying online or on campus?

All students will be expected to study on campus with online supporting technologies. Some courses allow online study for the first trimester. To check whether this is an option, please check here:

Can I change my timetable?

Timetables cannot be changed unless in exceptional circumstances. If you believe you have an exceptional circumstance, please email us at

Please note that timetable changes for work commitments are not accepted.

I have a Tier 4 student VISA. Can I still study online?

If you have your VISA, you are expected to be in the UK and studying. You will only be able to study online whilst you are waiting for a flight to the UK or you are in isolation. You will be able to discuss this with us at your online registration appointment.

I have applied for Student Finance funding, but they have not approved it yet, Can I still study?

You can still study whilst you wait for Student Finance to confirm your funding. Please make sure to chase them on a regular basis until they have issued you with your SFE Entitlement Letter. Please note that if you funding does not get approved, you will still be liable for your fees and expected to pay your fees.

Where can I find my Student Finance Entitlement Letter?

You will be able to find your Entitlement Letter, otherwise known as your Payment Schedule Letter, on your SFE student portal. Go to the Letters and Emails tab and you will be able to download a full PDF version of your letter. Please send a copy to

Where can I pay my fees?

If you need to pay certain fees, you can find information on our website here:

When can I pay my fees?

Your fees for the following trimester are always due at the end of teaching week 8 of each trimester. You will be reminded about four weeks prior to this date to allow you time to pay your fees. A late payment fee of £150 will be added if you are unable to pay your fees on time or have an approved payment plan in place.

I am concerned about money and my financial situation. Where can I go and who can I speak to?

The university has a great money advice team who can sit with you and go through your concerns and offer advice, along with options to help you. You can find more information here:

If you are ever unsure, come and speak to us or email

I can’t find the links to my online classes. Where can I find them?

If you are studying Foundation, Level 4 Business or Premasters, your online class links will be listed on Moodle, under your specific Module area under Zoom links.

If you are studying Level 4 Integrated, your online classes can be accessed via Canvas. If you are every unsure, please contact us.

Am I using AXIS or Canvas?

If you are studying Foundation, Level 4 Business or Premasters, you will be using AXIS (Moodle) ONLY.

If you are studying Level 4 Integrated, you will be using Canvas for your lectures and AXIS/Moodle for your support classes with ARU College. You will have to use both platforms.

What is the difference between AXIS and Canvas?

AXIS is the ARU College student platform, whereas Canvas is the ARU student platform.

As an ARU College student, what do I have access to?

Even though you are an ARU College student, you are still a full Anglia Ruskin University student and you have the same access to services and support as any other ARU student. You may just have slight difference in the platform that you are using.

Do I have to attend all my classes?

Yes. You should be aiming to attend all your classes. Research shows that the students that attend the majority or all their classes do better than those that do not.

What happens if I have low attendance or engagement online?

If you are a student with a VISA, falling below 85% attendance can mean that your VISA will be withdrawn, and you will have to leave the university and the country. If you are a home student from the UK or EU with settled or pre-settled status, not attending tour classes or engaging online can mean we have to withdraw you from your course. We always want to avoid this, so if you are struggling, please let us know.

Will I lose marks for low attendance?

You will not lose marks in assessments or assignments for low attendance, but research shows that the students that attend the majority or all their classes do better than those that do not.

I am a level 4 Integrated student. Do I need to attend my ARU College Support classes?

Yes, those classes are there to support you and they are timetabled for you to attend.

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