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Things to do at the weekend

Studying in a new country gives you the opportunity to do some sightseeing on weekends and holidays!

Luckily for you, ARU College is located in two of the UK’s most historic cities. Check out to see what you can explore in Cambridge and Chelmsford!

In Cambridge

  1. Go on a punting tour to see famous landmarks like the Bridge of Sighs, all while relaxing and floating down the River Cam.
  2. Have a park picnic in one of Cambridge’s many green spaces.
  3. Visit the University of Cambridge.
  4. Forget about your study and check out one of the many pubs in Cambridge.
  5. Visit the churches and chapels:
    • St Peter’s Chapel is the smallest church in Cambridge and dates back to the 12th century.
    • St Mary the Great is known as the university church, and all distances in Cambridge are measured from its location.
    • King’s College Chapel is a true masterpiece of English craftsmanship.
  6. Go on the Cambridge walking food tour to see the pubs, fish-and-chip shops, delis and speciality shops.
  7. See the Buskers and Street Performers Festival in September and vote for the best performer.
  8. Spend the day at a museum:
    • Fitzwilliam Museum where you can see more than half a million works of art.
    • The Museum of Cambridge set in a 17th-century building where you can learn all about the city.
    • Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology where you can see world-class art and artefacts from all over the world.

In Chelmsford

  1. Drive over the Army and Navy Roundabout flyover – in the correct direction
  2. Buy a 20-inch pizza from Farm Pizza in Duke Street
  3. Pick a buckets worth of apples at Lathcoats Farm in Galleywood
  4. Go to a Sunday morning service in your Sunday best at Chelmsford Cathedral, the second smallest in the country
  5. Do Chelmsford park run, the free organised 5km route in Central Park, in costume
  6. Be like the Chelmsford inventor of wireless, Guglielmo Marconi, and send a signal from an old-fashioned radio at Sandford Mill Museum
  7. Canoe down the River Can through the centre of Chelmsford in full view of the marvelling shoppers
  8. Hire Great Baddow town crier Tony Appleton to promote something for you
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