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How to spend a day in Cambridge for £10 or less

Are you a student living in Cambridge and wondering how to spend your weekends? Maybe you have family or friends visiting and you’re wondering what to show them. With so much on offer, it is sometimes hard to know where to begin. We also know that money can be tight, so we’ve put to together a list of options for spending the day in Cambridge for less than £10!

The Fitzwilliam Museum: The Perfect Blend of Culture and Coffee.

Nestled within the University of Cambridge, the Fitzwilliam Museum houses collections from ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, including exhibits of English and European pottery and glass, furniture, clocks, Chinese jades, and ceramics from Japan and Korea. The museum is free to enter, and you should allow yourself approximately 2 hours to submerge yourself into the history and culture that is presented and to capture some great photos of the building’s architecture inside and out.

You can then grab a tea or coffee at one of the charming nearby cafés, such as ‘Hot Numbers’ which is a 2-minute walk away from the Museum. Or why not stay within the museum and visit The Courtyard Café for a hot drink and a bite to eat (they have some lovely cakes and pastries!)


Market Square: Indulge in the Vibrant World of Street Markets.

Have a browse around the stalls and grab some delicious street food while exploring the vibrant Market Square in Cambridge. This bustling hub in the centre of Cambridge offers an array of foody options, from quirky street foods to tempting sweet treats. It also features a variety of vendors offering inexpensive souvenirs, making it a great place to find unique gifts and mementos. Outdoor seating areas allow you to relax and enjoy your food amidst the lively atmosphere. If you’re a bookworm, you’ll be thrilled to discover second-hand book stalls. For those with an eye for craftsmanship, the market presents a collection of hand-made jewellery. You can also find and buy some beautiful fresh flowers.


Picnic at Jesus green.

The sun is shining, and what better way to embrace the glorious weather than by having a picnic at one of Cambridge’s most renowned greens – Jesus Green! This expansive and picturesque green space offers the perfect setting for a relaxing outdoor experience. Grab a blanket, gather your favourite snacks for a homemade picnic, or swing by a nearby supermarket to grab a meal deal. You’ll discover a lively atmosphere filled with locals and tourists. Once you’ve satisfied your hunger, you can take a leisurely stroll along the nearby river.


Support a local brewery.

Nestled on Hooper Street, just a short walk from campus, Calverley’s Brewery, is a hidden gem that invites you to indulge in the rich flavours of their locally brewed ale and lager, providing a true taste of Cambridge.

Calverley’s Brewery offers a refreshing and enjoyable way to spend those evenings when you can’t decide what to do. Immerse yourself in the friendly ambience, taste the locally brewed ales and lagers, and discover a truly local and memorable experience right here in Cambridge. You will be greeted by a cosy atmosphere and a welcoming vibe.

On occasion, you may be pleasantly surprised to find street food vendors, such as pizza vans!


Browse at the cows!

Cambridge, with its abundant green spaces, is not only a hub for knowledge and culture but also a home to some iconic residents – the Cambridge cows! These gentle creatures can often be spotted leisurely strolling across the city’s green spaces, adding a touch of charm to the city’s natural beauty.

Grab your camera, put on your walking shoes, and embark on a memorable cow-spotting adventure. Midsummer Common, is a prime location to start your cow-spotting journey.  Other areas to explore include Coe Fen and The Backs! Take a picnic with you to make a day of it.


Hopefully, the above has given you some ideas on how to spend a day in Cambridge on a budget. If you do get a chance to try out any of our suggestions, then we’d love to hear about it! Tag us in your posts and stories @Arucollege on Instagram.




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