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Blog Category: Student Life

How to live on a student budget

Residing in a new country is an exciting experience, you will be studying, exploring and making friends. However, you need to be able to manage your money. Here are some ways you can save money in the UK while still having a great time.

An Architecture Student’s Life

Foundations are very well known to be virtually the most important part of a structure and human growth. The stronger, well rooted the foundation is or in the case of humans, the better the knowledge impacted during growth and learning, the stronger the structure or individual.

A Year of Opportunity

One year ago, I would never have thought that my life was going to change so much. After completing my Foundation year at ARU College, I started feeling confident again and determined to become what I always wanted to be.

How to Survive Your First Year at ARU College

The move from high school to university was an intimidating leap. Not only was I going to get launched into a completely new city with no one I knew, but on top of that, I had no idea what university was going to be like.

My Impressions of Cambridge

The summer after I finished my access course at college did not feel like a summer holiday. I was mostly at home, thinking about how my results will come back.

My First Impression of Cambridge

As an overseas student, I see Cambridge city as a place to study in which many famous colleges are located. During my first three months I have lived and studied here

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