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Ruskin Journal First Year Representative

ARU College student, Ellie Ravenscroft, talks about her time on the Ruskin Journal and how her Foundation year has helped her get there.

I recently began studying with ARU College, in order to allow myself to conduct my change of career path from Animal Sciences to English Literature. English Literature has been a passion of mine ever since I was little, and it was a subject area which I feel lucky to be able to say came naturally to me in school. I was completely uneducated on foundation years and had always been given the image that it was something to be frowned upon for, but this is not the case in the slightest. ARU College has provided so much support in helping me reach my Honours degree starting in 2022, and I’m only two months in. A little shout out for the wonderful Paul Pattison is definitely deserved, if support is ever needed head his way! (Sorry Paul!)

My childhood dream was to become an author. It’s a dream in which the majority of English Literature students strive for, but such a niche area to be successful in. The amount of modules based across the degree focusing upon children’s literature as well as the incredibly broad range of topics to choose from is amazing. I can only imagine the discussions within these lectures being fascinating. On the other hand, my alternative would be to go into editing or publishing for a company such as Penguin or Oxford Classics.

I also recently decided to join the Ruskin Journal as I feel it would be a good entry into the world of editing and publishing. It allows you to come across so many different opinions and views within the university and it’s an amazing way for people to write about their interests and bring forth points that they feel to be vital. The current committee is wonderful, and we all work wonderfully together. I wanted to be able to aid in the journal becoming more widespread and accessible across the university so that students within other faculties can feel encouraged to contribute, in addition to the humanities students.

I wouldn’t say I’m well educated in magazines; however, I’d have to say my favourite novels would be torn between Little Women by L.M. Alcott and Normal People by Sally Rooney. If you can deal with the lack of speech marks, then Rooney is the way to go. The BBC show really enraptures the characters development throughout the novels uncertainty.

In the next 5 years, I hope to be studying a masters with ARU or Cambridge University, continuing to focus upon English Literature as a subject. At this point I’d like to be able to say I would also be feeling a lot more comfortable within myself, as mental health is a major factor right now! A fun fact about myself would have to be that I somehow have this talent of talking to random people within shops, whether it be about a book they’re looking at or simply complimenting their outfit. I’ve sparked many friendships from this. I think it’s a result of my four years in retail, it becomes a habit!

I hope everyone feels welcome to join the Ruskin Journal, whether it be to become a member or even to submit some of your own work. We look forward to hearing from everyone!

Ellie Ravenscroft
Ruskin Journal First Year Rep
BA (Hons) English Literature (with Foundation Year)

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