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University terminology

Understanding all the new terms and acronyms can be a bit difficult at first!
Here are some that you will find handy in your first few weeks!

Advanced Standing – Credit awarded for previous study

Alumni – Any student who has graduated from ARU College.

Census Date – The last day you may withdraw from a course or subject without incurring financial cost.

Core Subject – A subject which is needed to complete your degree.

Credit Points – The amount of points you must complete to graduate.

Deferment – Postponing a course by one or two semesters.

DVC – Deputy Vice Chancellor.

Elective – Non-compulsory subject.

Honours – Optional year of study to increase knowledge.

Hurdle Requirement – A compulsory piece of assessment that must be passed to pass the subject.

Major – Main discipline area of your degree.

Minor – Secondary discipline of your degree.

Plagiarism – A reproduction of someone else’s work without acknowledgement.

Postgraduate –  A university qualification undertaken after a bachelor degree.

Prerequisite – A subject that must be completed before enrolling.

Undergraduate – A single bachelor degree.

VC – Vice Chancellor.


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