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My Foundation Year with ARU College as an International Student from Turkey

My name is Berkay Ekiz, I am a student from Turkey, and I studied a foundation year in Engineering, Computing and Technology with ARU College (BENG Civil Engineering with Foundation Year) in Chelmsford.

Studying a foundation year at Anglia Ruskin University allowed me to start off my university journey and the education that I received during my foundation year at ARU added a lot to me. As an international student from Turkey, the process of a foundation year allowed me to get a grasp of the UK education system, understand the amazing resources available at the university, as-well as experience what the UK has to offer.

This foundation year allowed me to learn and develop many important skills such as: time management, self-independence, teamwork, public speaking as-well as self-study.  In the incredible interactive learning and communication modules, I had the opportunity to develop and improve my English and my public speaking. These public speaking skills have become such a vital part of my time within the UK, increasing my confidence in speaking in English.

A foundation year allowed me to prepare for the first year of my degree and gain the vital tools necessary to achieve to the best of my potential. This foundation year gave me the mathematical and technological grounding for my degree course. I am currently studying the BENG Civil Engineering course. There were several reasons why I choose this area of study. My interest in construction and my drawing ability from an early age is one of the main reasons why I chose to study civil engineering.

The foundation year done so much for me as a person, and I am so grateful to ARU for allowing me to have this opportunity.

Berkay Ekiz
BENG Civil Engineering with Foundation Year


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