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Running the Iconic Cambridge Half Marathon: Top 5 Tips

Running is addictive. It provided me with a sense of physical and mental equilibrium which has been essential during my years of studies abroad.


Running is addictive. It provided me with a sense of physical and mental equilibrium which has been essential during my years of studies abroad.

The day had finally come. It’s hard to believe that, after months of training, it was time to put my body, mind, and spirit to the test. The atmosphere were electric. It was a few minutes before 8.30 a.m. and I was about to attempt the first 13.1- mile run of my life.

Here are the Top 5 Tips that helps my dreams comes true.

TIP # 1: Support

Undoubtedly, the biggest thing that got me through the half marathon journey training was having two of the people closest to me in my life motivating and encouraging me, even if it was from one 1,300km away!

As my mum and my dad are ultramarathon runners, they were my role models during this unbelievable experience, and they helped me, also from overseas, literally, get out the door on those days when I was not be feeling up to it.

TIPS #2: Make it habit!

It is a day-by-day game. As a player, you must plan your workouts on a daily basis and find training programs that fit you, your studies and your lifestyle perfectly.

A way to maximize the fun of practicing was joining ARU College and ARU Training Team. This was a great way to breaking tape of my first half marathon, to shape my race pace and to challenge my running.

TIPS #3: Find your tunes.

Whatever music it is, it’s essential and powerful during every journey.

Find your genres, your favourite song and your rhythm and add them in a playlist that will reflect your personal tastes as well as motivate you most, rather than a default one.

TIPS #4: Be fashionable!

It will help with your speed, stamina and of course your style.Everything you wear on that day must be the right size and reflect your personality.Fashion does not mean forget functionality; in fact, I strongly recommend technical clothing, shoes and accessories.

Be proud to wear your ARU College and ARU spirit wear.

TIPS #5: Trust your abilities.

Celebrate your successes, even the little ones. Every step is a step towards your big moment.

So, the Cambridge Half Marathon has been and gone, and now I’m ready for the one this year.

Last year, I crossed the line in 2:00:28, clocking an official PB, but I am confident that this year I can push myself further beyond my limits.

I had combined my training sessions with eating and sleeping well, trying to find a good balance between mental and physical health. Essential at this stage is focusing on whole, fresh foods and ingredients as well as on balancing protein, carbohydrates and fat properly.

I believe that the ending of one thing is the beginning of something else. Crossing that finish line was the beginning of an entire new chapter for me.

You will find that this experience will both liberate and intimidate you, but trust me, this will be exactly what you will love most.

Arianna Piras
BSc (Hons) Business and Human Resources Management, Cambridge

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