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What’s it like to live in Chelmsford? 10 reasons why you should consider ARU in Chelmsford

Moving to a new country as an international student can be both exciting and overwhelming. Choosing the right city for your studies is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your overall experience. If you're considering the UK as your study destination, Chelmsford is a remarkable city that deserves your attention.

Situated in the heart of Essex, just 30 miles from London, Chelmsford offers a unique blend of history, culture, and educational excellence. Chelmsford is something of a hidden gem and many international students may not have heard of the city which is why we are outlining 10 reasons why you should consider Chelmsford as an international student.

  1. Great rail connections to London – get to London in 35 minutes!

Located close to London, Chelmsford offers the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and lower living costs of a smaller city while having easy access to the vibrant capital. London can be reached in just 35 minutes by train, making it an ideal destination for weekend getaways or exploring famous landmarks.


  1. A modern city, rich in history

Whilst it is one of the UKs newest cities, gaining city status in 2012, Chelmsford boasts a rich history dating back over 2,000 years. Chelmsford is home to historical sites such as Chelmsford Cathedral, Hylands House, and the medieval ruins of Writtle Castle. Not too different from today, Chelmsford in the Middle Ages was a commercial centre with traders and buyers coming from far and wide to enjoy the market and shop for bargains. Fast forward to today, it is home to a variety of shops and restaurants including the new Bond Street shopping development.


  1. Sports and fitness

Whether you just want to have fun and keep fit, or if you’re more serious about competing, there’s plenty of opportunity to get involved in sport in Chelmsford. On campus there is an abundance of social sport you can get involved with including football, netball, and table tennis. You can also join The Old Factory Gym on campus, which is affordable, has great facilities and hosts a variety of classes.  In the city, you can find a modern leisure centre with swimming and ice skating, one of the oldest canoe clubs in the country, as well as Essex County Cricket Club.



  1. Vibrant student life

Chelmsford has a lively student scene, with numerous social events, clubs, and societies catering to different interests. Whether you’re into sports, arts, or cultural activities, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to make friends, socialize, and engage in extracurricular activities. The city has cinemas, an abundance of restaurants, crazy golf, ice-skating, swimming, riverboating, clubbing, museums, parks, shopping, and much more!


  1. Access to nature

As well as being jam-packed with activities, Chelmsford is also surrounded by picturesque countryside and beautiful parks. Hylands Park, with its stunning landscapes and tranquil lakes, is a popular spot for picnics and walks. The city’s close proximity to the Essex coastline also means you can easily enjoy trips to scenic coastal towns and beaches.


  1. More affordable

Compared to larger cities like London, Chelmsford offers more affordable living costs for students. Accommodation options include purpose-built student housing, shared apartments, and private rentals. Additionally, Chelmsford’s proximity to London allows you to explore the capital without the need for expensive city living expenses.


  1. Gateway to Europe

You may wish to travel to the rest of Europe whilst you’re in the UK and Chelmsford is advantageously located to facilitate this! Located near major airports, including London Stansted and London Southend, Chelmsford’s location is great for international travel. You can also easily reach the Eurostar in London with links to Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels.


  1. Festival fun

The city hosts various festivals, events, and exhibitions throughout the year, showcasing art, music, and theatre. In the summer, Chelmsford’s Hylands Park is home to a variety of shows and festivals, including Creamfields music festival which is very popular amongst students and locals.


  1. Safe and welcoming environment

Chelmsford consistently ranks among the safest cities in the UK, providing a secure environment for international students. The city’s low crime rates, coupled with its friendly and supportive community, ensure that you’ll feel safe and at ease throughout your time in Chelmsford.


  1. Modern and innovative campus

Our riverside campus is made up of striking, modern buildings that house state-of-the-art facilities, including Essex’s first School of Medicine, Bloomberg Financial Markets Lab, SuperLabs and more. You’ll find the campus has a modern but tranquil feel as it’s located along the river and a short walk from the city centre.


Choosing Chelmsford as your study destination in the UK offers numerous benefits for international students. From academic excellence and cultural diversity to its convenient location and rich history, Chelmsford has much to offer. With a vibrant student community, affordable living costs, and easy access to London and beyond. Consider Chelmsford as your UK study destination.


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