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Jason Kwong

ARU College Gave me an Excellent Foundation for UK Higher Studies

I am Jason Kwong from Hong Kong and I’m a current student studying Optometry at ARU College. I have found that both my teachers and my fellow students at ARU College are so friendly. The teaching at ARU College is great and I have understood and learnt a great deal of what has been taught to us. The timetable for me is perfect since I can have plenty of spare time after school to study and do lots of other things. Personally I am really happy to study at ARU College since I had not studied Chemistry or Biology during my high school. If I hadn’t studied at ARU College I would have found going straight into University very difficult and may not have been able to study Optometry.

Finally, Cambridge is a really good place for both studying and having fun. You can concentrate to studying during the day and go out at night with your friends. I am very happy that I chose to study at ARU College.

Jason Kwong
BOptom (Hons) Optometry
Hong Kong

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