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Unlock your Dream Degree with a Foundation Year in Clearing

A Foundation Year is an extra year of study at the start of a university course. A Foundation Year could be the perfect fit for you if you do not meet the requirements for direct entry to university or if you have been out of education for a while and are looking to return and get your degree. We offer a smooth, simple transition onto your chosen degree at ARU. We have an abundance of support services available and offer smaller intimate classes which will equip you with the essential skills needed to be successful in your degree.  

Applying Through Clearing

You might be applying through Clearing for several reasons. Perhaps you decided to go to university after the UCAS application date has passed. Maybe you didn’t quite get the results you expected. Or perhaps you’ve changed your mind about where you want to study.

The good news is you’ll have plenty of choice. The myth about clearing being the ‘leftover’ courses that no-one wants is just that – a myth. In fact, many popular, sought-after courses have spaces and it’s a great time to consider your options and what works best for you.


The College and the University – How Does it Work?

A Foundation Year is an additional year at the beginning of your degree. In your Foundation Year, you will study a range of modules relevant to your chosen degree, as well as modules concentrating on the skills that are vital for university level education.

From day one you’ll be an ARU student – giving you full access to the university facilities. You’ll also benefit from the additional support provided by ARU College to help prepare you for the rest of your degree.


3 Reasons to choose a Foundation Year

  1. Lower Entry Requirements

To study a Foundation Year with us we require 5 GCSEs at grade 3 or above (grade E for GCSE’s taken prior to 2017). Plus, either evidence of having tried two years of post GCSE study, or a minimum two years’ employment, or a combination of the above (min. 2 years).

  1. You’ve Been out of Education for a While

Has it been a while since you last studied? Would you like to get back into education and earn your degree? A Foundation Year is a valuable pathway to getting your bachelor’s degree. It’s the perfect choice for somebody who wants to get equipped with the skills needed for university.

  1. You want to Build your Portfolio for your Art Degree

Choose a Foundation Year for your Art degree to help you discover your specialism and decide where your passion lies. We do not require you to have a portfolio already. Instead, we will help you to grow your portfolio ready to study your dream degree.


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