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Timothy Morris

My First Impression of Cambridge

The summer after I finished my access course at college did not feel like a summer holiday. I was mostly at home, thinking about how my results will come back. I was very anxious as I knew I had done badly in some of the modules and I didn’t think I will meet any universities entry requirements. My parents really wanted me to go to university so I was stressed thinking of how results day will go.

I then found out that there was an alternative route to start university for students in situations like mine. One of my friends had found out about ARU College and submitted an application already. She gave me the website and the ARU College contact details so I can see whether there is a possible plan B for results day.

I went online looking at the courses which were available and I was pleased and surprised to see that the Medical & Life Sciences faculty had a wide range of courses. I actually had more options open to me than I ever thought there would be.

So I phoned up the ARU College office and explained my situation. The team were very helpful, they took my details and started processing my application right away. I had an offer letter the same day.

Results day went as I guessed, I had not met the entry requirements of the universities I applied for through the UCAS website. However instead of having to tell my parents about my poor grades, all I had to tell them was that I had been accepted to ARU via an alternative route: ARU College.

ARU College has given me a unique opportunity to obtain a university degree. I have just completed the foundation year, and feel a lot more confident to start the 3-year degree. The course has bridged the gap between where I was and where I foresee myself.

Timothy Morris
BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science
United Kingdom

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