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My experience as a First Year Pathway student at ARU College in Cambridge

"Living as a student in Cambridge has helped me grow as an individual, and to explore the things I have not done in the past."

ARU College has helped and provided many opportunities for new students. Personally, ARU College allowed me to learn about my course, which is BSc (Hons) Business with Marketing, in more depth.

At ARU College, the teachers are very friendly, always there to help, they explain things well, and most importantly they spend time with you to help you understand the course. They also provide constructive feedback for the assignments, which is also helpful. The college provides great opportunities, such as team building skills, making new friends, leadership skills, skills to help you improve in class, and much more. Personally, I was provided with the opportunity to be a Unibuddy student ambassador, which helped me to improve my communication skills, so that I could help new incoming students to ARU college.

Overall, studying in the UK was a bit challenging at first, because I was away from home and I had to start living alone for the first time. When I first got to the UK, I was very excited and many people in Cambridge helped me out. It is an amazing experience to take, because I have personally realised that doing everything myself has really improved me as a person. At times, I have been homesick, but there has always been someone there for me, and everyone is willing to help. The UK is a great place to gain experience, earn, make friends, explore, and much more. In terms of living in Cambridge, I have explored many places and made many friends. Living in Cambridge is very safe, amazing, and all about improving your lifestyle. Personally, when I started living in Cambridge, I didn’t know how to cook. Living as a student in Cambridge has helped me grow as an individual, and to explore the things I have not done in the past.

My advice for future ARU College students would be to attend all your lectures and ask for anything you did not understand as the teachers are very helpful.


Kalp Sheth
BSc (Hons) Business with Marketing

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